GE CIO Jim Fowler talks collaboration and IT transformation

Ein wunderbarer Artikel mit einem Interview des CIO von GE (General Electric), der die neue Rolle des CIO perfekt auf den Punkt bringt:

"As a function, and as a leadership role, CIOs are at a crossroads, he says. "We're at this fork in the road where you're going to have CIOs who want to be the traditional IT leader in the back office, back of the house, head down, under the radar, running things — and I think those jobs are going to go away," Fowlers says. "Or you're going to have a set of CIOs who are going to pull their chair up to the boardroom table and say: ‘Guys, I actually know your business better than you do. I know how it runs, I know your processes and there is a better way."

Und hier gehts zum Artikel:

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